Thank you so much Ward 4, for the trust you have placed in me!

Frequently asked questions at the door:

Did you vote for the $62 million library?
The final Recorded vote that took place on the library cost was October 7, 2020:
Voting against: Billings, Bell, Gibson, MacKinnon and Mayor Guthrie.
Years ago there was a library vote when the city was applying for a $36 million grant from upper levels of government. It was announced that the City was unsuccessful and was going to receive nothing for the library, and on October 7, 2020 Council had the final vote on the entire library project where just the building itself was $62 million. The entire project including parking is well over $100 million. This added yet another tax levy for 21 years. I’m supportive of City facilities that need an expansion or renovation, however, the library project is oversized and too costly. This $100 million venture has become unaffordable.

My taxes are at the point where they are unaffordable, did you vote for these huge tax increases?
No, I voted against the 2022-23 almost 10% tax increase. If re-elected, I would not support the 5-6% annual tax increases that are projected for the foreseeable future. This is not sustainable. These don’t include the construction inflation costs that will add much more. Personally, I find these huge increases unacceptable and unaffordable and so do many people commenting at the door. This is an extremely important election and we need Councillors that will prioritize and defer costly projects in order to bring down these massive tax increases. I have always moved motions to reduce the budget and will continue to do so.

Are we getting a new splash pad in Ward 4?
Margaret Greene Park has been identified as the top location in Ward 4. City Staff are currently conducting a Master Plan for the Park and installation will follow.

What about a new Hospital / High School for Ward 4?
Building hospitals is Provincial Jurisdiction and City Council CANNOT make this decision. Likewise, building and operating schools are School Board and Provincial Jurisdiction and are NOT decisions City Council can make.

Can you cap maintenance fees for us?
Maintenance/Condo fees are Provincial jurisdiction and are set by the Condominium Board in accordance with that legislation. City Council has NO authority over this and CANNOT set or cap them. Your Condo Board can explain how the fees are calculated.

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